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Please be advised that this site is not affiliated with the Service Canada office.
It was created to provide general passport information only.

Urgent Passport Application

If you have an urgent passport application request and you are travelling within 48 hours. You must go directly to your nearest Passport Canada office (Service Canada Centre – Passport Services) to submit your application. There is no need to call Passport Canada to book an appointment anymore.

There is an additional fee of $110 for urgent pick up service. If your passport was lost or stolen, there will be another additional administrative fee of $45 for replacing a valid lost or stolen passport.

To find out the current passport application and additional fees in Canada, click here.

Walk-in Service for requests under 2 business days

If you need your passport processed urgently within 2 business days, you must make sure to visit your nearest Passport Office (aka Service Canada Centre – Passport Services) with proof that you need a passport within 2 business days. 

Walk-in Service for requests under 10 business days

You may try to book an appointment online to schedule your passport application visit. Walk-in visit at your local Passport Offices is only available if there is enough capacity. During the peak season, the line-up spot could already be filled before the centre opens.


Urgent request outside Canada

Temporary passports and emergency travel documents don’t replace your regular ones. They’re valid only for urgent, proven travel situations or residency requirements determined by the consulate or embassy.

Before paying for any of these services, please contact the Government of Canada office abroad where you will be submitting your application, to confirm your eligibility. Pay these fees only if the office instructs you to.

Find out the current passport application and additional fees outside Canada, click here.


Emergency weekend or statutory holiday service

If you need your passport over the weekend or on a statutory holiday, you may call the Passport Canada office 1-800-567-6868 to set up a weekend appointment.

Their agents answer calls from Monday to Friday:

  • 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. (your local time)
  • 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (Newfoundland)
  • except for statutory holidays

This service is only

  • for emergencies and
  • if you have to travel over that specific weekend or statutory holiday

If you meet these requirements, you must make sure all of your required documents are ready, including your

  • completed application form
  • passport photos
  • valid proof of travel showing you’re travelling before the end of the next business day

Urgent Passport Application

Fees for the weekend or statutory holiday service

A passport we issue over the weekend or on statutory holidays will cost CAN$335 in addition to the other regular passport fees.

For example, if you apply for a 10-year passport, the fee will be $160 plus another $335 for the weekend or statutory holiday service.

There may be other fees, such as the fee for replacing a lost or stolen passport, added to this total.

Paying these service fees does not guarantee we’ll issue you a passport. For example, if there are security concerns when processing your application, we may not issue you a passport within your timelines.

Fees for family members using the weekend or statutory holiday service

If you submit applications for other members of your family at the same time, an urgent service fee (CAN$110) will be added to the regular passport fee for each family member’s application.

For example, if you apply for a 10-year passport for yourself and a 5-year passport for your child, the fees will be

  • $160 for your passport
  • $335 for your weekend or statutory holiday service
  • $57 for the child’s passport
  • $110 for the child’s urgent service

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