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Ukraine immigration measures: Financial assistance

The federal government is offering financial assistance to help newly arrived Ukrainian families who are in Canada under the Canada-Ukraine authorization for emergency travel (CUAET).

The assistance is a one-time, non-taxable benefit. It’s to take care of your basic needs while you get settled in Canada.

Apply online


Who can apply

You can apply if you

  • are in Canada
  • were approved under CUAET
  • have a Canadian bank account

If you’re coming to Canada or have just arrived, learn what to do in your first 2 weeks in Canada


How to apply

There are 2 steps to apply for financial assistance:

  1. Open a Canadian bank account.
  2. Submit your application.

Step 1: Open a Canadian bank account

You need a bank account to apply for financial assistance. This is because the payment is made by direct deposit.

How to open a bank account

You need your

Your IMM 1442 form should include a remark that you’re here under CUAET. If it doesn’t, before you apply for financial assistance, you need to apply and be approved to extend your stay as a worker, student or visitor from inside Canada under CUAET


How to apply for financial assistance?

Step 2: Apply for financial assistance

When you apply for financial assistance, you need to give us your

  • transit number
  • institution number
  • account number

Your bank can give you this information either with a

  • direct deposit form
    • This will have all 3 of these numbers, usually labelled.
  • void cheque
    • This also has all 3 of the numbers, but they are not usually labelled.

Most banks will ask you for a social insurance number (SIN)

  • They ask this for tax purposes.
  • You do not need a SIN to apply for financial assistance.

However, if you plan to work in Canada, you will need a SIN.

Learn more about opening a bank account in Canada including your rights and responsibilities.

Online application

After opening a bank account, you can apply for financial assistance.

Along with your personal information, you need to provide

Unaccompanied minors need extra documents

If the application is for an unaccompanied minor, you need to upload a letter signed by the parents or legal guardian with the following information:

  • the parents’ or legal guardian’s address and telephone number
  • the name, address and telephone number of the adult who will look after the child in Canada

You also need to upload a copy of their IMM 1442 form. It must include a remark that they’re here under CUAET.

Learn more about minor children travelling to Canada

Double-check all your personal and banking information to make sure it’s accurate before you submit the application.

Adults (18 years and older)

The name on your IMM 1442 form should be the name on your bank account.

Minors (17 years and under)

The name on the bank account should be the name of your parent or legal guardian in Canada.


After you apply

You’ll get a confirmation screen that tells you your application was successfully submitted. On your confirmation screen, there’s a confirmation number. Write it down or print the screen for your records.

How payments will be deposited

Payment will be made by direct deposit and is expected to take up to 5 business days. Your bank may take another 3 to 5 days to show the deposit in your account.

Adults (18 years and older)

If your application is approved, the payment will be deposited in your bank account.

Minors (17 years and under)

If your application is approved, the payment will be deposited in your parent’s or legal guardian’s bank account.

How much can you expect to receive

  • CAN $3,000 for each adult (18 or older)
  • CAN $1,500 for each child (17 and under)


If you have problems with your payment or have questions

You can contact their office at 1-833-760-1162 if you:

  1. haven’t received any money after 5 business days, and you’ve waited another 3 to 5 days for your bank to process the deposit
  2. didn’t receive the right amount
  3. have other questions or need help with the application

Business hours are from Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Eastern time.

Interpretation/translation services in Ukrainian and Russian are available.